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Rosemary's Babies
Sounds of Death 12-inch LP

Fearsome, feral, and fiendish. The complete discography plus previously unreleased bonus track from Danzig/Samhain bassist Eerie Vonís formative punk band Rosemaryís Babies finally available on LP for the first time. The limited edition 12-inch LP at 45 rpm features twenty-six songs including the tracks from the original Blood Lust 7-inch released in 1983, Talking to the Dead CD released in 2004, and the previously unreleased track "Sactioned Violence". There are 500 copies of the record and the vinyl itself comes in two different color configurations of 250 units each: half translucent blood red and half black as well as solid black vinyl.

Side A
1. What I Hate

2. Talking To The Dead
3. Sex Maniac
4. One Dead Low-Life
5. I Vote Yes
6. Happy Song
7. Attack Of The 50ft Cowboy
8. Sounds Of Death
9. I'm Gonna Be Sick
10. You Just Don't Rate
11. Alice In Murderland
12. That's Alright, That's OK
13. Let's Molest

Side B
1. Fake Babies
2. Dead Zone
3. Small Minds Think Small
4. Becky Bondage
5. Inferior
6. Blood Lust
7. The Green Hornet Theme
8. Fake Babies (live)
9. Alice (live)
10. Talking To The Dead (live)
11. That's Alright, That's Okay (live)
12. Small Minds (live)
13. Sanctioned Violence (previously unreleased)


Rosemary's Babies
Sounds Of Death 12-inch LP

Rosemary's Babies was an American hardcore punk band formed in Lodi, New Jersey in 1980. Its members included J.R. (Vincent C Paladino) on vocals, Post Mortem (Robert Montena) on bass, CA Richie (Craig Richardson) on guitar, and Eerie Von (Eric Stellman) on drums. The band was active until 1983. The band's early musical influences include The Misfits, Minor Threat, The Bad Brains, GBH, and Discharge. Other stylistic influences include the films A Clockwork Orange, Caligula, and the band's namesake, Rosemary's Baby. Eerie Von moved on to work with Glenn Danzig in the bands Samhain and Danzig. The band played numerous live shows, most notably opening for The Misfits and Scream.

The limited edition 12-inch LP comes in two color: half translucent blood red and translucent black as well as solid black.

The run is limited to 500 copies. Only solid black vinyl copies remain. The half translucent blood and black is sold out!

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